OB Exposed Show Report

Honored Guests


Honored Guests,
The May 17, 2007— OB Exposed Photo Exhibit Reception, had a surprise 88th birthday celebration for our own beloved “Buford the Clown and Candy Man”. John Noble’s family ate cake and wished Buford a Happy Birthday.

At the May 17, Receptoin, impressions of Ocean Beach and Point Loma filled the Masonic Center on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. with some late arrivals to help fill out the show. We felt OB Exposed was a smashing success with special guests Noah Tafolla (Wonderland fame), and Noah’s musician father John, who played at the event.
Thanks to our humorous emcee, Ken Kramer (About San Diego, Sun. 6:30pm, Channel 7/39).
Special thanks to the the judges: Tom Shrugrue, Ed Frey & Birdie Carter; and Claudia Jack and the Masonic Lodge for the use of the facility. We appreciate all the wonderful photographers and volunteers who made OB Exposed a night to remember. Award winning photos are on exhibit at the OB Library.