Presentation by OB Elementary Jr. Girl Scout Troop Nov. 07

Last spring, Ocean Beach Historical Society member Stephanie Greenwald and OB Elementary Speech Therapist/Girl Scout Leader Linda Jaros teamed up to educate local Girl Scout troop #3208 about Ocean Beach. Twelve fourth grade girls at OB Elementary met every other week and learned about the history of OB from the beginning of our community up to the present time from former local students such as Carol Bowers, Ned Titlow, Jane Meiners and Kathy Blavatt.
The girls learned about preserving “old” pictures, listened to former students tell about what life was like at school and what the “kids” back then did for fun, went on a “historic walk” down Newport Ave and discussed important buildings and whether or not they should be preserved or “modernized”. The girls also learned about the history of some of our well-known traditions in OB such as the OB Christmas parade, the OB Christmas tree and our fireworks display on the fourth of July.
The girls earned the “Local Lore” badge and learned important information about the community in which we live. Every town has a story and people and events that helped make it what it is today. Troop #3208 enjoyed their time studying OB and will enjoy telling about their experiences at the November 15th OBHS Meeting.

Locals Bring Alive Memories and Images of Sunset Cliffs

OBHS Oct. 18, 2007 meeting with presenter DeDi Ridenour, who spoke about the history of Sunset Cliffs, was an overwhelming success as the large audience flowed into the courtyard.
Many of the old-timers in the audience participated in their memories of the cliffs as they were growing up.
George Cunningham made money as a kid giving tours of “Pirates Cave”.
DeDi told a funny story about the “Navy Outhouse” located just north of the Spanish Mansion on the Cliffs that she grew up in.
Thanks to Dedi and all those that donated pictures from their private collections to make this a very memorable meeting.

Sunset Cliffs History, Geography and a Peek at the Future Park Plans

DeDi Ridenour was our featured guest at the Oct. 18, 2007 OBHS General Meeting.
DeDi will present a brief history of Sunset Cliffs that will outline the geological background that makes this area of our coast so special. She will also talk about the influences of the Theosophical Society, the 1915 & 1935 Expositions, real estate interests, the 1929 depression, WW II years and the post war building boom.
Her talk included information on the cliff protection, conservation and preservation plans.
Included in DeDi’s presentation will be the history of the expanded park, park development and a look at future park plans.
Cordelia (DeDi) Ridenour, was born in San Diego (Sunset Cliffs) 72 years ago. DeDi lives on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in the historic old Spanish Mansion style home she grew up in.
DeDi is retired from Chemistry Research, College Chemistry Teaching and Environmental Chemistry Administration. She now volunteers with the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council.
DeDi enjoys her Sunset Cliffs home with her husband Dick, and her three children and seven grandkids that live within two blocks of the family home

Lakeside Speedway Centennial Celebration Nov. 15th

Event’s date changed due to fires— Now Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2007
at the Lakeside Community Center in Lindo Lake Park , 25 miles east of
San Diego (location of the only remaining racing speedway in San Diego County).
Significant Milestone 100 years ago
In 1907 an event took place that would forever change the look of auto racing. This was the opening of the Lakeside Auto Speedway in Lakeside, a little resort town in the foothills of San Diego County, where Barney Oldfield that year set a new speed record for the mile. The Lakeside Auto Speedway was claimed to be the first purpose-built auto racing facility in the country.
Lakeside Historical Society is organizing a 2007 Centennial celebration at the site of the original Speedway . This event will be highlighted by a gathering of the finest antique racecars and other vehicles from the era of 1907 though 1919. These historic vehicles will be on display to the public and will be invited to a parade around the roads closely following the path of the original speedway. This running display will enable spectators to visualize what the speedway atmosphere must have been like a century ago.
The public is invited to participate with a historic vehicle or as a spectator. Lakeside Speedway Centennial Celebration info. at: