OB Holiday Parade 2007

The OB Jr. Girl Scouts described OB is the “coolest place”, so you don’t ever want to miss our “awesome“ parade
The theme of the parade for 2007 was the 120 yr. Anniversary Celebration of OB, so Ocean Beach Historical Society was being featured.
We were on a SD Trolley Streetcar with the band “Jalopy”, and Noah Taftoila the fellow who did the “Wonderland Documentaries” & his dad former member of the band “Rosie and the Originals” that sang “Angel Baby”. We also had a bunch OB board members, Susan and Pat James (President of the Board and owner of James Gang) and John Noble of Coastal Sage and two of his girls (one is the namesake of Princess Nelliebell). With that crowd it made for a fun and memorable evening.

Ocean Beach in Lakeside

The Lakeside Historical Society celebrated the centennial of the land speed record set by Barney Oldfield around Lindo lake. Historical societies from around San Diego were there to join in the festivities which featured racing cars from the turn of the century.The woman dressed in outfits of that time period and the cars did “victory” laps throughout the day. Many were surprised the see “Ocean Beach” in Lakeside… so we took some good natured ribbing. Most people had a story or two to tell about their stay or visit in OB. OBHS Board Members Kathy & Ray Blavatt were manning the booth with Pat & Susan James paying a visit. “It was nice to meet the other historical societies.” National City woman were dress in their finery with elaborate hats, something to see. Thank you to the Lakeside Historical Society members for all the hard work to pull this event off, especially since the recent fires – so Ocean Beach tips its hat to Lakeside.

More photos & info will follow- Lakeside Historical Society Lakeside Speedway Centennial

Quality OB Photos Needed of OB Landmarks for OB Historic Plaque Project

The OB MainStreet Association, the OB Community Foundation and the OB Historical Society are working together on the upcoming OB Historic Plaque Project. We are looking for photos that are really clear with good contrast to use on the plaques. We could use photos of the Library, OB Elementary School, Newport Hotel (now OB Hostel), Strand Theater (now Wings), Pier,Silver Spray and the Bank of Italy (now Starbucks). If you have any great photos, please let us know at obbid@nethere.com or call Denny Knox at OBMA 224-4906. We would love to hear from you.