Greening Your Home and Remodeling a Historic Home

Image Charles & Karen Roberts HomeFeb. 21st. the OBHS Meeting featured presenter Charles Roberts who lectured on green strategies for historic home renovation and the challenges of remodeling and/or adding to a historic structure.
Charles Roberts is a local architect who focuses on sustainable architecture and efficient space planning. He was recently featured on the KPBS radio show “These Days” on green design and was interviewed for an article in the online newspaper “Voice of San Diego”. Charles was also a former chair of the Ocean Beach Planning Board. He remodeled his historically designated home on Sunset Cliffs Blvd and Long Branch St. in accordance with the Mills Act provisions and incorporates many green design elements. He and his wife also renovated another historically designated craftsman home in Ocean Beach, restoring the exterior to its original design and modernizing the interior spaces and amenities of the home with sensitivity to the period architecture.
Roberts background includes: a Bachelors of Architecture ’88 from UC Berkeley, a Masters of Architecture, Masters Community and Regional Planning ’99, University of Oregon
Roberts is featured in the historically related publications: “Observations in Micronesia an architectural review” at: and “Kapingamarangi Canoe Building Project

Bye Bye Bufford

bufford1/20/008, OB lost its favorite Candy Man. On Jan. 22, a farewell and remembrance full of photos and colorful stories of Bufford was given at Newbreak Coffee (beach shop) on Abbott St. in O.B.
The Newbreak location is that of former “Buffords Candy Store” from over 25 years ago. We will always remember celebrating Bufford’s birthday at the OB Exposed in 2007. His clowning around, “Buffordisms”, colorful outfits and handfuls of candy will always bring back a memorable smile to generations of Obecians.