“The Wishing Arch & Wonder-full-land” of OB

Once upon a time in a land called O.B.
(where the beach and ocean meet) there was a garden that Daniel Wallace and Judith May called Wonder-full-land.
Wallace and May dreamed, planted and played there for 12 years sharing heart energy and harmony.
What began in 1997 with one lonely pansy grew into a storybook land protected by 12 arches of once living trees built by Wallace and tiny gardens planted by May.
170 critters resided there too, created from treasures dragged home from the alleys of O.B. and the imagination  of Wallace and May.
In 2003 Wallace and May wished to share their heart energy, harmony and garden they called Wonder-full-land with the community.
Wallace placed 57 pieces of twine in a basket and attached it to the Entrancing Arch over the front gate with an invitation to tie a wish.
Would anyone respond? Would anyone tie a wish? Wallace and May excitedly waited to see. The response to their invitation was beyond anything they had wished for.
People from the community of O.B., from many states and several countries tied wishes and toured the garden Wallace and May call Wonder-full-land.
As of May, 2008, over 15,000 wishes have been entwined upon “The Wishing Arch”.
It is with deep gratitude that Wallace and May’s wish to share their heart energy and harmony has come true.
In July 2008 Wallace and May will be leaving O.B.to begin another dream. To live and travel in their RV.
The many critters, arches and plants that once filled Wonder-full-land have been
adopted by many local gardeners.
“The Wishing Arch” will continue to reside at 1862 Ebers Street in O.B., to be lovingly tended by Obecians Gloria and Kathy. Carl of O.B. Paint and Hardware will graciously donate twine.
Wallace and May may be leaving O.B physically, however in their hearts “The Wishing Arch” and Wonder-full-land and the many memories of the Ocean Beach community will live forever.
We WISH Dan & Judith Much Happiness

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