Mignon Scherer “The 30 ft. Woman”, Oct. 16th OBHS Meeting

Mignon Scherer our featured guest at the Oct. 16, 2008, at 7 p.m meeting is “the 30 ft. Woman”,
Just how does one become “The 30 Foot Woman”?
The answer is a lifetime of character building and knowing the right things to do.
In the case of Mignon Scherer, she became every icon of womanhood throughout her life.

Mignon Modeling
Mignon Modeling

As a teen, she started with a modeling career. Then, she threw in more glam by moving to New York and becoming a “Cigarette Girl.”
She followed that up with becoming the American icon of the time… a “Rosie the Riveter”.
Mignon then married a form military pilot that she met in college.
In traditional Americana fashion she became a teacher and mother.
Never slowing down, Mignon went back to school and got her PHD
at age 62, and then started her own business as a Marriage, Family &
Child therapist. Mignon moved to San Diego in 1956, and lives in a historical 1912 barn house in Point Loma. Besides multiple careers and family, activism and environmental issues play a major role in Mignon’s life. Her causes included water issues, over development, protecting public land, and many others.
Mignon’s nickname (The 30 Foot Woman) came from her work on the Coastal 30 Foot Coastal Height Limit,” a people’s initiative that passed and became law in 1972.
Because of Mignon and her associates, local beach communities, especially Ocean Beach, have maintained their unique small town beach character, instead of become Miamiadized.

Mignon has continued her activism as a senior. She sat for two terms on the Peninsula Community Planning Board. She continues to voice her concerns on global warming, the water crisis, airport expansion, and other issues at City Council and public forums.
Asked, “Why do you do all this in your retirement years”?
Her response is “Because it is the right thing to do”.
Join us Oct. 16th to hear this inspirational presenter.

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