OB Photographer Steve Rowell Presented: OUR LOCAL WILDLIFE
Jan 21, 2010.
Steve Rowell  discussed our local birds and wildlife. Steve showed his extraordinary bird photos that he has taken over many years. His presentation included his favorite birds, the OB Ospreys, who have set-up permanent residence at Rob Field. He’s tracked their history and photographed them for years. Come hear Steve’s interesting stories about the birds and wildlife in our area. For info. about Steve Rowell and bird slide show: www.oceanbeachphotos.com

Help Save Historic Preservation That Effects OB

Mayor Jerry Sanders proposes eliminating the senior planner position that manages historic districts in San Diego. Mayor Sanders sent a pink slip to Kelly M. Saunders, who holds the position now. This action will terminate historic districts (May hurt OB’s Historical Cottage Program) and slowing down of individual house designations by 50%.
The historic districts are key to protecting our neighborhoods. Write or FAX  council to save the historic districts by funding the protect Kelly Saunders’ senior planner staff position to continue designating historic houses and protecting our neighborhoods by districts.