OB Hot Curl Artist Michael Dormer

OBHS presented Cartoonist & Fine Artist Michael Dormer, Aug. 19, 2010. OB resident Michael Dormer at is know  among the surf community for his “Hot Curl” surf cartoons, and in the art community for his fine art (shows at Falling Sky Pottery in OB). He provided a night of stand-up comedy in his presentation… that included a peak at “Snail Boy” and ended in a song he wrote and sang.

Also included were clips from a TV  interview of Dormer, by another well-known OB resident, San Diego Libraries Curator Mark Lugo from the nationally-recognized San Diego Public Library’s Visual Arts Television series. For more about Michael Dormer and his art: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Dormer



3 thoughts on “OB Hot Curl Artist Michael Dormer

  1. If you are the original Hot Curl artist from the early to mid 60,s I had owned the original plastic Hot Curl model and although my parents must have thrown the model out [ probably didn’t like the beer belly’ I recently found the printed cardboard full color that came with it. The size is about 3 to 4 inches wide and maybe 10 or so inches long. It is in perfect shape. Any comments on this little slice of surf history? My made in the shade is the best surf hat on the market and I used to advertise in Surfer Mag years ago. I am up in Encinitas so we are local. Always loved the rebellious inclinations of your images against the expectations of our culture. Thanks . Later

  2. Mike

    Looks like you have done well, and thought you might like a hello from your past.


    1. Thanks Bob. Sorry I missed that night last August . I hope when another occasion comes up I can attend. There has always been a soft spot for you and Hot Curl all these years. Thanks for being there and thanks to Robert Wald at the mag for keeping the spirit alive.

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