Charles Curtis’ Adventures in Lomaland

The Ocean Beach Historical Society Program Charles  Curtis’ Adventures in Lomaland on July 21, 2011 brought lots of laughs and enthusiaum from a large crowd!
Charles  “Chuck” Curtis found paradise at age 4 when he moved to the  Theosophist community at Lomaland in Point Loma. He attended Madame  Tingley’s school, later joined the navy and married a woman from a  prominent Point Loma family. As a student, Charles would finish  his school work so he could  go play at Lomaland. It was his giant  playground… with trees, beaches, animals, and other wonders of  nature. Also, the campus’ beautiful white buildings and purple glass  domes provided him constant entertainment and adventure.
The  school gave Charles a strong basic education: An introduction to the  arts and woodworking, and a horticultural background. The farming and  sustainable workings of the Theosophists’ community helped him in  creating his own wooded paradise (including Torrey Pines) on his  picturesque property in Ramona, California.