O.B.’s Weird, Wild and Wonderful

Aug. 18. 2011, Ocean Beach Historical Society presented Kathy Blavatt— “O.B.’s Weird, Wild and Wonderful”, program and book premiere. Kathy’s showed photos and told stories of the beach town of Ocean Beach, San Diego.
In describing the unusual things or events in Ocean Beach you commonly hear the classic response, “That’s O.B.”. Kathy’s photos are “That’s O.B. moments” which include: Humorous subjects; local characters and celebrities; interesting scenery; animals and oddities… basically the weird, wild and wonderful of make-up of our unique community.
Kathy is an O.B. local and the Creative Director for the Ocean Beach Historical Society.
The O.B.’s Weird, Wild and Wonderful
book is the 2nd in the Espresso Diaries Series, and Kathy’s 4th book. It is available at Newbreak Coffee and Olive Tree Market in O.B.

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