Endless History with Hot Curl in the 2011 OB Parade

“Surf Paradise” was the theme for the 2011 OB Holiday Parade. The OB Historical Society entry had a Special Guest and Treat….OB Cartoonist Mike Dormer (with Mop on his head) and his legendary “HOT CURL” sculpture (on loan from the Surf Museum in Oceanside) in the back of Todd Partridge’s red and white classic 1965 Chevy Truck!  Leading the group was Bert Bade in his Red Mini, with his “family of elves”. Two sets of twins were with the OBHS group. Thanks to all those who helped and joined us in the parade.

Nov. 17, 2011 A Tribute to Ned Titlow—Tales of NED

OBHS Presented A Tribute to Ned Titlow—Tales of  NED, Nov.17th O.B.’s Beloved Obeacan and local historian Ned Titlow passed away Oct. 29th, 2011. Ned was an active community member, Past President and sitting- Vice chair of the Ocean Beach historical society. his legacy stories and joy of growing up in Ocean Beach made him an integral part in teaching Ocean Beach history.
Nov. 2011, Ned was going to present an OBHS program “tales of intrigue.” instead with  his passing we presented “A Tribute to Ned Titlow–Tales of Ned!” We showed Ned clips, photos, and had “Ned stories and witticisms!” to tell.
With our friend’s passing we have lost a great deal of firsthand O.B. history. But, the good thing is, many of us knew Ned, and learned O.B.’s history from him, so we are able to pass-on the colorful history he left us.
Because of Ned, many people appreciate our history, and love our Ocean Beach community.