Nov. 15, 2012- 40 Year Anniversary Celebration of the 30 Ft. Height Limit

What a Wonderful Celebration of the  40 Year Anniversary of the 30 Ft. Height Limit and a great
 program given of  this popular historical people’s initiative in 1972  by Alex Leonis.
Wonder what helped keep Ocean Beach a beach town verses Miami? Most people answer is “it’s
activist’s community”. But equally important was the “30-foot Coastal Height Limit Law”. The law was the brainchild of a very dedicated activists group called “VOTE”. They had the foresight and drive to realize a strong law was needed to protect our views and coast from overdevelopment. Residents voted the law in with a large majority 80% of O.B. voters voted in favor of the 30 ft. height limit! Even with challenges, the court system agreed with the voters. Thank you Alex, the VOTE group and the many unpaid signature gathers for what they did to preserve or views and beach communities.