A Historical Perspective of OB’s Planning Board

At our Feb. 21, 2013 Program Frank Gormlie, Editor of the OB Rag, gave a humorous and insightful  program on the history of the Ocean Beach’s Planning Board and the importance of O.B. residents taking part in their community groups. Frank was a member of the fist O.B. Planning Board, which was also one of the first San Diego Community Planning Boards elected by the community. Frank spoke about the importance of a good community plan that reflects what the residents want, and how they want to shape their future. Frank stressed the participation of residents in running for the board, going to meetings and voting in the election. About 1/3 of the attendees at our program were current and former planning board members. OBHS members express their hopes and concerns involving O.B.’s future plans. We want to thank Frank for a great presentation.