OBPB Votes Against Demolition of 100-Year-Old House

The OB RAG did a great job reporting on this important issue… this is very timely since the Feb. 19, 2015 OBHS program is about the importance of keeping our cottages. Excerpt: Ocean Beach Planning Board Votes Against Demolition of 100-Year-Old House, by FRANK GORMLIE on FEB. 5, 2015In a bold move that would put a smile on any preservationist, the Ocean Beach Planning Board last night voted against approving a proposed development for 4677 Niagara that included the demolition of the current house, originally built in 1915.

At their monthly meeting, after the developer’s presentation and a lengthy question and comment session, the Board voted 8-2-1 against the developer’s application for a permit to build two condos on the lot, once the lot had been cleared of the old hundred-year-old structure. Full report at: http://obrag.org/?p=91623