Map to Meetings

Water’s Edge Faith Community

( The new name for the church as of October 2017 )
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd Ocean Beach CA 92107


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  1. I have located a cousin living in Ocean Beach in the 1930 Federal Census. The Heffron family living at 1817 Saratoga Avenue. I know it was right off Bacon Street but since the address numbers were changed I cannot locate the exact site. Can you tell me what the address would be today?
    Thank you.

  2. Mark,
    I don’t think the street addresses would have changed since the 1930s. We have some local directories in our archives from that period, I’ll do some checking.

  3. I am wondering why the intersection between Froude/Greene St/Seaside St is so large and oddly shaped. Did it have a different purpose in the past?

  4. Dear OB Historical Society,

    My name is Robert Rojas and I am in dire need of your help. I have been living in my property since 2014 at 4924 Saratoga Avenue. Last summer there was a great fire here at our neighbors property that left the house there as a heaping, dangerous, intoxicating property at our front porch.

    Every day, my girlfriend and I have had to live next to this burned down property, 4928 Saratoga Ave., since the fire has taken place, breathing in these materials and our home smelling like that of the burnt house next to ours. We were told that the permits to demolish the property would come quickly but 6 MONTHS LATER we are still receiving word that due to blocks from the city as well as your organization that our land lord is not able to conceive these permits. With the winter rains, the smell resurfacing materials is almost unbearable, as if living in a chimney.

    My question is to know why this process has not been addressed in a timely manner, what are the blocks my landlord speaks of, why have we not been notified by the authorities as to the dangers of living in front of a burnt house that spreads its pollution onto our property and into our bodies. I look forward to your response and hope that this message finally produces some answers to a long awaited injustice.


    Robert Rojas and Laura McWhorter

  5. Would you happen to have any phone books from the 1960’s? I’m looking for entries or advertisements for Point Photography on Newport.

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