29 thoughts on “OB Spaceman & Bob Oaks

  1. So groovy to see these old pictures with the mellow sounds of Mr. Oaks. I arrived in O.B. in the summer of 1968; this post took me back. thanks! ~ Amber

  2. my husband was known as canada around ob he always talked about the spaceman,when I finally met him it was the most amazing trip ever always loved his work, when I came back to canada i wanted some paintings but couldn’t find any that anyone wanted to sell. those days in ob ruled

  3. My mom was around the same time spaceman and oaks were… She used to sit in on the jam sessions and Spaceman even gave her a card with the oh so sacred digits for her and her dog to get on the spaceship, when it came… She found out today that he passed away and she was happy to know that he lived to 84 years of age. 🙂

  4. Glen,
    I’m assuming you mean painting by Spaceman.(not of Spaceman.) This would hard to determine. It is my feeling It would be more valuable to some one that knew him. A few years back I had an insurance appraiser call me from Texas about two Spaceman paintings that had been destroyed in a fire, I wasn’t able to be very helpful to him. I think it would depend on the size, subject, and condition of it. I may know people who may be interested. If your interested in selling it you can reach me at jamesganggraphics@sbcglobal.net with more information.

  5. Yes, I remember the good ole days with Oaks, Hank, Bernie, Spacey and all the jam sessions, my husband and I moved to O.B. in 1971, lived on Niagara St. and Santa Monica Ave., spent 8 glorious years there, what memories. Continued to live in East County for a total of 31 years. I, too, have several Spaceman paintings and have been unable to determine their value. To me, they are priceless.

  6. to every one who knows or has heard about clint cary “the spaceman of O.B.” hello. I would love to talk to all. I am the son of spaceman.I will offer any and all help in promoting his artwork. My collection of his work is the largest around. If you grew up in o.b. you know me. any and all of his artwork can be junk or worth millions.It is the story behind each piece that is priceless. please contact me.

      1. Hi, Greg, nice to see a recent post and to hear from someone so personally connected to Spacey. I was often curious what had happened to Clint’s artwork. I remember all the matting and framing Bob did for Clint’s artwork, it completely filled the hallway in his OB cottage not to mention every room! The artwork I possess is personally dedicated to me and my then husband, who has since passed away. If you would be interested, I do have some photos I would be able to email you?

    1. Hi Greg remember me Linda (Rausch) Barton? I sold you small spaceman paintings over 20 years ago. I just moved, still in OB, and found a painting of Spaceman’s from 1976. Had it framed way back when and would love to get your opinion on it. Call your sister Kathie for my phone # or bartonsinob@cox.net ~ Linda

      1. Hmm, I wonder about Clint’s son, never heard anything about that, however, I have 9 paintings from the 70’s. Any interest?

    2. My husband, Mike Thompson, played with Your dad. He still has the Spaceman t-shirt, given to him by your dad. Mike played with Ray Iverson. Ray and Mike (who took lessons from Tonk Edwards) had a lot of fun times together! You can get in touch with Mike. 208-304-9536. He has a lot of memories of your dad and Ray.

      1. wow, talk about a blast from the past, I was at the tender age of 20 when my husband and I moved to OB in 1971. I knew most of the Oaks group, lived in the apts. across from the cottages for almost 8 years and loved every minute. Have several of Space’s paintings, I gave several to my brother who lives in Michigan. We should compare paintings sometime?!! Lol, great to hear from someone from the good ole days!! Sheri West, Summerton, SC 803.566.2547

  7. I met Clint in 1983 he was one of my teachers, from him I learned what he called “sandscript: reading and learning from everything around you. I too was given assigned seats on the mother ship for me my second wife and her daughter that was born over twenty years later Clint told me all about was going to happen to me in my life. Though I did not understand it all back then as the years went by more and more of what I was told by him fell into place. AS the pieces of information he told me materialized I would think about Clint and hear his words again in my mind. I will never forget him or the things he taught me because he was one of the main influences on me becoming what I am today.
    “Michael D”

    1. Remember all of that…lived on Niagara St., Santa Monica Street, before parking spaces, always within 1/2 mile of beach. Knew Bob, Hank, Spaceman the whole jammin’ crew…miss them and loved them all dearly!

  8. Did anyone else go into the closest (alone) and have an unusual experience? A friend of mine and I met the Spaceman on Ocean Beach in 1963 and went to his house for a while. I went into the closet and well, I want to see if others had a similar experience.

  9. Also, It would be really great if those who have the Spaceman’s painting could photograph them and so we could see the range of his work.

    1. Re-Post: In the Tom Griswold Video @ :14, L-R… Dan Bryant, Sr (Drums), Fred Jackson (Piano), Pat Britt (Sax). …Spaceman gave Dan Bryant, Sr. # XIB/44

  10. I played drums at Oakes’ jams every Sunday from the summer of ’80 to the summer of ’83. A great outlet for established and aspiring jazz musicians! Bob was always welcoming and gracious. Lots of memories of those no longer with us – Larry and Hank bassists, Bernie Borden, and several horn players . . . Just played drums in the jazz group in Rick Bollinger’s production of The Spaceman of OB this past weekend. A privilege to be a part of a special play about Clint and Bob’s relationship over 30 years and the impact on Ocean Beach that anyone of that time period remembers with fondness. I recall the artwork of Clint’s that lined Bob’s walls and hallway. Don’t have any of Mr. Cary’s works, but if anyone is considering on selling, I’d like to view them. Life’s A Gas!!

    1. Wow, the memories and names you mentioned. Used go every sunday in the late 70’s. I have 9 of Spaceman’s paintings, most are autographed with personal greetings. Email me sheri1952@aol.com. I will forward you some photos. Life’s a gas, my friend!

  11. What a wonderful community of memories this is!
    My father spent several years in Ocean Beach and knew the Spaceman well, trading carpentry work with him for art. I’ve spent special moments with dad here, when he would pull out that mysterious blacklight and illuminate the magic of Clint Cary’s work.
    As beautiful as they are, we are now looking to share the 7 or so light paintings that we have with someone else. They are gorgeous and I will happily send pictures to anyone who is interested.
    Just let us know!
    Renay Friendshuh, renaypeace@gmail.com

  12. wow! I remember those names. spaceman gave me and my brothers space numbers, but for the life of me I can’t remember it. I lived in the alley way next to Bob Oaks and use to hear them jam all night. My sister Karen use to play with Bob’s granddaughter Nancy. That was along time ago and good memories. I miss OB and I visit it one and a while. Still work in San Diego but live in another county

    1. My dad took me to Bob’s house when I was in 7th grade; his walls of records awed me; I was too young to get it; but in a way I did.

  13. i lived in #22 in the ob pier complex..[those white wood frame houses]..back in 1968-69-70. bob oaks played his jazz with many famous people.. miles davis was one. great sounds above the ocean.
    space man lived/slept in the storage area-he used to ask me to use my bathroom while inhaling something in his hanky.. my boyfriend would bring me abalone/lobster from the tide pools below, all free from the sea /no crime around, zekes broasted chicken dinners, and fresh berry pies all made there. the owners wife had a antique store where zekes restaurant was inside. great people and wonderful home cooked foods. everyone was family. you heard the ocean sounds at night… beautiful memories.

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