Sunset Cliffs History, Geography and a Peek at the Future Park Plans

DeDi Ridenour was our featured guest at the Oct. 18, 2007 OBHS General Meeting.
DeDi will present a brief history of Sunset Cliffs that will outline the geological background that makes this area of our coast so special. She will also talk about the influences of the Theosophical Society, the 1915 & 1935 Expositions, real estate interests, the 1929 depression, WW II years and the post war building boom.
Her talk included information on the cliff protection, conservation and preservation plans.
Included in DeDi’s presentation will be the history of the expanded park, park development and a look at future park plans.
Cordelia (DeDi) Ridenour, was born in San Diego (Sunset Cliffs) 72 years ago. DeDi lives on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in the historic old Spanish Mansion style home she grew up in.
DeDi is retired from Chemistry Research, College Chemistry Teaching and Environmental Chemistry Administration. She now volunteers with the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council.
DeDi enjoys her Sunset Cliffs home with her husband Dick, and her three children and seven grandkids that live within two blocks of the family home

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