Presentation by OB Elementary Jr. Girl Scout Troop Nov. 07

Last spring, Ocean Beach Historical Society member Stephanie Greenwald and OB Elementary Speech Therapist/Girl Scout Leader Linda Jaros teamed up to educate local Girl Scout troop #3208 about Ocean Beach. Twelve fourth grade girls at OB Elementary met every other week and learned about the history of OB from the beginning of our community up to the present time from former local students such as Carol Bowers, Ned Titlow, Jane Meiners and Kathy Blavatt.
The girls learned about preserving “old” pictures, listened to former students tell about what life was like at school and what the “kids” back then did for fun, went on a “historic walk” down Newport Ave and discussed important buildings and whether or not they should be preserved or “modernized”. The girls also learned about the history of some of our well-known traditions in OB such as the OB Christmas parade, the OB Christmas tree and our fireworks display on the fourth of July.
The girls earned the “Local Lore” badge and learned important information about the community in which we live. Every town has a story and people and events that helped make it what it is today. Troop #3208 enjoyed their time studying OB and will enjoy telling about their experiences at the November 15th OBHS Meeting.

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