Local OB Showman Loch David Crane featured in “Voice of San Diego”

Appearing in the Dec. 3, 2007 issue of Neil Morgan’s award winning online magazine. “Voice of San Diego,” was one of Ocean Beach’s beloved characters Loch David Crane.
Also, the same day he was interviewed, he was in the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade on his Star Trek Trike. We congratulate Crane for his OB celebrity statues and being a part of the individuals that make up OB’s very unique persona.
Excerpt from “Voice of San Diego,”: Tricks and Trikes: Questions for Loch David Crane
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007 | Loch David Crane is waiting for me outside an Ocean Beach coffee shop. His pearly hair flows into his unkempt whiskers. His ride, a three-wheeled homage to the starship Enterprise, rests feet away from his table. Crane’s adorned in a leather jacket littered with patches honoring the various subcultures he’s immersed in — Star Trek, magic and trikes.
Even for a magician, he’s gaudy. Missing him is a difficult feat, and our fellow patrons at the Honey Bear Cottage are failing miserably. One woman comes up to tell him she’s seen his patented Star Trike in a documentary on Star Trek nerds. An elderly gentleman comments on his bright orange suspenders. Various passersby honk at him from their whizzing cars.
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