Carol Bowers Presented 3 Beams of Light

Jan. 17th Meeting was by Carol Bowers: Three Beams of Light
Everyone is familiar with our famous Point Loma lighthouse, but few are aware that there was another light-house on the inside harbor of San Diego Bay. There was quite a bit of excitement–whales occasionally washed ashore, the fish life was boundless, and they once found an injured seal who became the family pet.
Carol Bowers was working as an assistant editor at Copley Books when Norma Engel showed up at the La Jolla office. She wanted her to publish a book about the Ballast Point Lighthouse, where her father had been a keeper for decades.
Carol had not published a book by herself, but Norma’s resolve wore her down. Before long, Carol was a full-blown editor and went on to publish around 100 titles.
Ballast Point was one of the earliest lighthouses to be removed in the 1970s–it was replaced by a degauzing station.

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