A Lovely Wisteria Party held on 3/20/10

The Ocean Beach Historical Society Annual Wisteria Party held at 4761 Niagara Ave., O.B., in the yard of the early 1900’s home of OBHS Vice Chair Ned Titlow. on the first day of Spring,
It was a lovely and sunny Saturday and couldn’t have been more perfect for Wisteria Tea Party. The event drew a large crowd, having about twice as many attendees as last year.
Thanks to all the recent rain, the yard was covered in Wisteria vines full of lavender blooms. Many flowery hats, outfits, ovely music by John Taffolla and delectables added to the obeisance.

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Wisteria Party held on 3/20/10

  1. There is a nice 2 min. or so video of this event showing Ned talking. Google “OB in HD” and click on the top link shown, and it’ll bring you to this event.

  2. Nancy,
    Thanks for posting the video.
    It was a beautiful day we where truly blessed.
    Thanks to all who helped put the event together,and all
    those who attended.
    Pat James

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