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  1. Local surfers were not happy about the poer being built
    They contested that the surf break woud be ruined
    And n order to make everybody happy they put empty ralroad cars outside the pier to make a reef for fishing and also to make surfers happy

  2. I had some information on the design of the Ocean Beach Pier by Greer Ferver. The reason why it slopes like it does. Why the concrete piles are skinny. I may have a drawing of the pier we did for later repairs. Ever wonder why this pier survives while many others don’t? Did I say skinny piles?
    Fishermen asked for a low pier, then the public said, “Too low, we’re gettin’ wet!”
    The rig the Contractor used to build the pier had a name. Anyone remember the name of his rig?


  3. I just discovered a book that belonged to my grandma, Nettie Trott, who lived on pescadero, inscribed by the author Emma “Cootie” Young called “Faye’s mom”. It’s the story of her life which took her all over america, but she spent the last 40 years of her life in OB and Pt. Loma. She was married to a man named Nichols who was involved in the failed attempt at drilling for oil way back in 1932, I think was the year. Her daughter Faye was an actress of some note in the 1950s and was married to Franklin roosevelts son for many years. More importantly Emma owned, sold and rented many different properties in OB and pt. Loma and ran a service station there as well. It’s out of print now and at some point I’ll send it down to the historical society. I think it may be of some intererest, there’s a few shot of the drilling in OB that I haven’t seen anywhere else

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