WONDERLAND 100 Year Celebration!

1913 wonderlandBallroomPostcardThe OBHS Presented: WONDERLAND 100 Year Celebration!
JUNE 20, 2013
Featuring  Author Jonnie Wilson—When Wonderland opened on July 4, 1913, it drew a crowd of35,000 people to Ocean Beach, then a community of only 300 residents. Although this early amusement park— the first to be built in the city of San Diego—only lasted for three years, its brief existence was pivotal to the development of O. B. Wonderland’s many attractions, included the largest roller coaster on the West Coast at the time, some unusual—even bizarre—things that happened at the park between 1913 and 1916, and the connection between this fabled resort and D. C. Collier, the real estate developer many call “the true father of Ocean Beach.” Jonnie Wilson is on the OBHS board and an author and Co-author of the “Ocean Beach” book.

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