Nov. 2013- John DeBeck’s OBHS Program was Fascinating

OBHS Presented: Landscapes Rediscovered by John DeBeck—Nov. 21st.  John DeBeck, former long-time School Board Member presented a program on the recovered San Diego Unified School District art collection, an extraordinary project he accomplished that benefits historians, school children and all San Diegans. When serving on the School Board, John found out that the district owned a significant amount of W.P.A. and donated art that had gone missing or was set aside. These works, approximately 100 canvasses of landscapes, seascapes and people (many of children), were unseen by the public for decades. These include depression-era paintings from acclaimed San Diego artists Charles Reiffel and Maurice Braun, including landscapes of Point Loma.  This rediscovered art was brought back to the public… but sadly we learned much is still missing or deteriorating because of lack of funding and interest in restoring the art.

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