Peace on Earth…A 100 Year Historical Wish

OBHS-Brg-Peace-purpThis holiday season the Ocean Beach Historical Society honor of the Centennial Anniversary of the San Diego Peace March of 1914. The huge downtown parade was the brain child of Madame Katherine Tingley, AKA “The Purple Mother”, leader of the Theosophical Society on Point Loma. 2,000 people, including 600 Marines led by Col. J. H. Pendleton marched down C Street on Sept. 28, 1914. The San Diego Union claimed it was “the greatest parade for universal peace held anywhere in the United States since the outbreak of the European War” (World War I).
Historic Details of marchers in the 1914 parade included: Police Chief Keno Wilson, Mayor Charles O’Neall, members of the City Council and the Board of Education, San Diego school children, students from the State Normal School in University Heights, Civil War veterans, and representatives of such diverse groups as the Holland Society of San Diego, the San Diego Scottish Social Club, the Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Red Cross Society.

Peace Be With You This Holiday Season….1914 Reenactment Photo: Dedi Ridenour (seated), is portraying Madame Tingley, AKA “The Purple Mother,” with OBHS board members, archivist & friends of the Ocean Beach Historical Society filling in as her peace-loving followers.

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