OBPB Votes Against Demolition of 100-Year-Old House

The OB RAG did a great job reporting on this important issue… this is very timely since the Feb. 19, 2015 OBHS program is about the importance of keeping our cottages. Excerpt: Ocean Beach Planning Board Votes Against Demolition of 100-Year-Old House, by FRANK GORMLIE on FEB. 5, 2015In a bold move that would put a smile on any preservationist, the Ocean Beach Planning Board last night voted against approving a proposed development for 4677 Niagara that included the demolition of the current house, originally built in 1915.

At their monthly meeting, after the developer’s presentation and a lengthy question and comment session, the Board voted 8-2-1 against the developer’s application for a permit to build two condos on the lot, once the lot had been cleared of the old hundred-year-old structure. Full report at: http://obrag.org/?p=91623

2 thoughts on “OBPB Votes Against Demolition of 100-Year-Old House

  1. Hi Mrs. Blavatt,
    Just wanted to say I am looking forward to this meeting and I sincerely hope that the bungalows on West Point Loma are included in this meeting. In the book “The Passing Parade-true tales of Ocean Beach History” page 15 paragraph 2 D.C. Collier purchased Pueblo lot 205 and opened the Ocean Beach Park track. A 1917 photo shows five bungalows here, a few of the 100 that were built following the construction of D.C. Collier’s first trolley line to OB from downtown. Several bungalows here still exist in near untouched condition, including a documented 536 plan from the L.A. Bungalow company. It would be wonderful to include all of the Bungalows in this presentation.

  2. Daniel,
    Thanks for the info OBHS Comments. Please come to our Feb. meeting.
    We will have a period at the end of our program for people to talk about their cottages, history, etc.
    I just toured the “Patton” house yesterday. We will try and highlight the important historical homes and people that owned them. All info is helpful.
    Thanks, Kathy

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