Great program on “Newport Ave.-Thru- The-Decades”

Craig-GerwigJudy-CurryThe Ocean Beach Historical society presentsed: Newport Ave.-Thru-The-Decades July 16 by Craig Gerwig & Judy Parry. Craig Gerwig (Owner of the Newport  Ave. Antique Center) and Judy Parry will talked about popular businesses that lined Newport Ave. over several decades. They spoke about businesses and properties their family owned/own on the 4800 block of Newport Ave. including Judy’s father appliance store where the Humble Hippie shop is now. Craig suprised us with a showing of the 4 blueprints of the old Spray Plunge and a donation of old OB Deeds dating from  1890 & 1891. Cost for one of those lots at the time was around $7, with taxes to the City at 4 cents and the State at 6 cents. Don’t you wish you could go back in time and buy a bunch of lots?  Anyhow, we really enjoyed this family’s interesting history and fun facts about O.B. A big thank you to Judy, and also a special thanks to Craig for keeping the OB spirit alive with his antique store..

One thought on “Great program on “Newport Ave.-Thru- The-Decades”

  1. Sorry I didn’t know about this presentation and missed it. I am interested in finding out more information about businesses in the 4800 block of Newport Av from around 1945 to present.

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