OB’s History of Volunteerism

Claudia-lips-smJan. 21, 2016 the Ocean Beach Historical Society Presented: Guest  Claudia Jack, as she presented “OB’s History of VOLUNTEERISM”. She told of how the many organizations and volunteers helped make OB special… and many of them attended the program. We are thankful to the  multitude of caring and helpful residents that are the heart of of our beach town.  Claudia included information sheets about the many local and nation organizations and how you can get involved.. and keep OB’s  wonderful community volunteerism spirit alive!

We thank  Claudia for her enjoyable and  inspirational talk, and applaud her for her lifetime of VOLUNTEERISM!


2 thoughts on “OB’s History of Volunteerism

  1. I hate that I missed this! I’ve been looking for more ways to get involved in the neighnorhood. I’m a fairly recent transplant with a ton of time on my hands. Any resources would be much appreciated!

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