June 16- History of the OB Rag

OB Rag cvrsJune 16, 2016,The Ocean Beach Historical Society presented The History of the OB Rag, by OB Rag Editor Frank Gormlie who gave us a great presentation of the OB RAG —The OB Rag was an alternative grassroots newspaper for Ocean Beach during the first half of the 1970s, with its first publisher, editor & writer Frank Gormlie. It published from late Summer 1970 to early 1976. The Rag’s volunteer and dedicated activist staff succeeded in fueling the community organizing in O.B. during those years with their underground publication, taking on the establishment while giving voice to the burgeoning counter-culture.
The OB Rag blog and website was first initiated by Frank Gormlie & Patty Jones in late Oct. 2007. Their original intent was to ply the San Diego scene with news and commentary from a distinctively progressive and grassroots perspective, and to also provide a forum for those views.
The OB Rag also provides web platform for the community, OB residents and merchants, and covers local OB and Point Loma news, issues and events – and more. Learn more about the OB Rag at:

One thought on “June 16- History of the OB Rag

  1. The OB Rag was published earlier than 1976. In 1968 and 1969, it was published out of a storefront located on the East side of Voltaire, two doors West of Bacon St. Word was at the time that the men who were publishing it [I remember there were two] had ties to the Weather Underground. I was a latchkey kid back then, growing up on the streets of OB. Several of us would pick up copies of the Rag and distribute it, asking for donations. In the Summer, I washed dishes for Albert Green, the owner of Zeke’s Chicken and Antiques [Southwest corner of Bacon St. at Newport Ave.]. The only time I ever saw Zeke really mad was after he read an article on the Vietnam war in the Rag.

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