Lyman J. Gage- A Great Man

gage-portrait11/17/16- The OB Historical Society Presented:   Lyman J. Gage- A Great Man, by John Noble, on Thursday evening Nov. 17th.
John Noble  presented his program about Lyman J. Gage, 42nd United States Secretary of the Treasury. In 1906 Gage came to Point Loma to deal with a family crisis and retire from the stress of the East Coast. Gage was drawn to the Lomaland Theosophist community. John spoke about Gage’s extraordinary accomplishments before coming to San Diego and  the extraordinary life he made for himself in San Diego and his important role in preserving Balboa Park. We learned Gage, who was far more than just a local street name.

John Noble, Owner of Coastal Sage Garden Shop & Landscaping.  He designed and planted the landscaping in front of the Lily Pond at Balboa Park for the Centennial Anniversary.

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