Unique and Funny O.B. Stories

TinyBWho is this gal? Feb. 15, 2018, the OB Historical Society program “Unique and Funny O.B. Stories”, By Kitty McDanial, Dedi Ridenour, & Jonnie Wilson, at Water’s Edge Faith Community
It was a nostalgic trip back in time with a trio of O. B. historians. Jonnie and Kitty (the comic cut-up!) regaled the audience with stories of strange things that went on at Wonderland O.B.’e early amusement park and other early OB tales as they as introduce you to some important Obecians you’ve probably never heard of, and reveal political shenanigans that went on during the early days of our beach town. (News flash: Things weren’t any better back then!) Dedi, on the other hand, focused on her favorite topic—OB and the Cliffs during World War II. She was only a child during that era (albeit a precocious one), but research done as an adult—combined with her early memories—have made her a bonafide expert on this subject.

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