“O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout” Film On-line

By Popular Demand! The Ocean Beach Historical Society Presents:
“O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout”
An On-line Film! At: www.O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout
Dean Hollenbeck • Produced by: Kathy & Ray Blavatt

Ocean Beach is known for its characters, and Dean Hollenbeck is one of our most endearing. Dean loveed to walk… and talk! He made countless friends on his meandering walks in O.B. and the peninsula. O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout, was produced in Fall of 2017. At 89-years-old, Dean on some days walked up to 16 miles… though it could take him the whole day depending on how many people he talked to.
Ocean Beach Historical Society’s Kathy and Ray Blavatt filmed Dean on his O.B. adventures as he spoke with other interesting longtime OBceans, toured some of their homes, and discussed their tales and histories of living in Ocean Beach. Featured film guests include: Virginia Davis, Flickie Dormer, Shoeshine Willie, Darlene the ‘Garden Lady,’ and others. Learn why these residents came to OB, and fell in love with Ocean Beach.


Since the filming of “O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout,” Virginia Davis passed away in March of 2020, Flickie Dormer moved out of State. Dean passed in 2020 but his OB spirit is still talking and walking.Visit with Dean in this fun and interesting film: www.O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout

2 thoughts on ““O.B. Walkabout-Talkabout” Film On-line

  1. Can you please update me on the memorial service or what is being done For our Beloved Dean Hollenbeck

    1. Dean’s family has not set a date for the memorial service. We miss seeing Dean walking about Ocean Beach

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