“Anyone Talked History, Today?”

Link to OBHS YouTube Channel: “Anyone Talked History, Today”

May 20, 2021, The Ocean Beach Historical Society Presented a Zoom teleconference: “Anyone Talked History, Today
Early San Diego historian Winifred Davidson is described as the woman who discovered San Diego’s Lost History. Davidson was a poet, a musician, an educator, a journalist, one of one of San Diego’s first preservationists, and a longtime resident of Point Loma. OBHS presented San Diego historian Alex Bevil with the story of Winifred Davidson via Zoom teleconference. Thanks to Alex we learned how Winifred preserved a great amont of our town’s history.

6 thoughts on ““Anyone Talked History, Today?”

    1. Hi Janet, here is Alex’ story about Winifred Davidson – https://www.pointloma-obmonthly.com/news/story/2021-05-20/winifred-davidson-found-point-lomas-lost-history

      There are several services which will allow you to search for a byline or for a Column like Loma Lore. They are usually subscription (pay) services however. You may be able to search the archives of the paper itself, but I think you have to subscribe there also. A good idea would be to call or visit the downtown library, 9th floor. They would be very happy to point you in the right direction. I am sure somebody has already done that search, so they might be able to access that stuff easily.

      Thanks for your interest, Eric

      1. Thanks for your response I have already searched online. I thought you mentioned something about giving the issues to the State Archives, but I find no online State Archives to look for them. What did you mean by State Archives?

      2. Some time over two years ago OBHS nominated the bound volumes we have of The Beach News, later known as the Ocean Beach News, for a digitization project of California Revealed, a California State Library Archive project. Our 11 volumes were accepted for digitization. They were duly sent to the state library, and so far nothing has shown up in their collection. https://californiarevealed.org

      3. Thanks for narrowing it down and dang …. Laurie Boucher Robinson was looking for them.

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