Postcards from the Past was Pure Joy!

See Link: Postcard from the Past – Part 1

OBHS presented: Zoom Teleconference, Aug. 19, 2021 was a dream for old postcard fans and collectors.
“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” San Diego is a region rich in visual diversity and destination type locales. As such, scenic San Diego has generated thousands of picture postcards over the decades. We would love to share them with you!  We have cards depicting Wonderland, Sunset Cliffs, The Theosophical Society, Balboa Park and various other excellent San Diego subjects. Did you realize that there was an actual “Age of Postcards?” Or that many people used to make their own originals? Thank you to Ocean Beach Historical Society postcard expert and collector Jonnie Wilson, and postcard geek Eric DuVall, we examined this fascinating niche in the historical record. 

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