OB Historic Walk was full of facts & memories

JULY 14, 2007— What an interesting history we have!
Looking forward to next years.

Start of OB Historical Walking Tour 2007

Start of OB Historical Walking Tour 2007

Start of OB Historical Walking Tour 2007,
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Pursuing History on Newport Avenue, By Carol Bowers

We are fortunate that here in Ocean Beach many of our buildings date back to the early 1900s although they may have changed hands during the years. OB history buffs (most noticeably Ruth Held) have written about the early years and we have also accumulated old periodicals and writings thanks to the establishment of our Ocean Beach Historical Society archives directed by Mary Allely.
Every summer we present our Newport Avenue Historic Walk where, for a small fee of $3, residents and visitors can experience the Ocean Beach of yesteryear narrated by two gentlemen who have lived here most of their lives: George Cunningham & Ned Titlow.

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  1. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Mary Allely? I understand she is the archivist for the OB Historical Society. I am doing an archival research paper on Wonderland Park and would like to get in touch with her!

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