OB Library Took Front and Center Stage in 2008

The OB Historical Library celebrated its 80th Birthday in Oct. Ironically, within two weeks of the its 80th Celebration event (that included a representative of the Mayor giving the library an award), the OB Library was on Mayor Sander’s closure list!
NOBODY in Ocean Beach wanted the library to close, so in historical OB style large rallies were launched. Obecians opposed the closing at city counci meetings, and flooded the Mayor and council offices with calls and emails.
The City Council found funds to keep the 7 libraries open for part of the year and will revisit the issue starting in February.
OB residents need to remain vigilant in keeping the pressure on, so we can keep our beloved library.
Our OB Library is the Heart of OUR Community
Facts on Why the OB Library should stay open:
It’s a City Historically Designated Building
and we just celebrated its 80th Anniversary.
(A historical landmark plaque is being made by the OB MainStreet Association & Ocean Beach Historical Society to go on building.)
Land next to the library was already purchased for the library’s expansion …
The new addition has been designed and in the works since 2000.
Mayor/City Council recently approved an Infrastructure Bond for new roofing for the OB Library.
Ocean Beach is an example of a “Walkable Village” with our library located between two schools.
It’s costly to maintain an empty library building, very costly to repurchase land, build a new library and re-buy books
(especially customized for the community) & library equipment.
Our library is a vital resource and helps educate members of our community

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