EDWINA GODDARD, Generations of History on the Point

EDWINA GODDARD,  gave a wonderful presentation with many historical photos on Jan. 15th, 2009

Edwina Goddard  and Dog Pepsi on Boat off La Playa
Edwina Goddard and Dog Pepsi on Boat off La Playa

Some people watch history, others make history. Native San Diegan Edwina Goddard and her family have been an active part of history on our Peninsula for generations. Her family started the first book bindery business in San Diego.
Edwina holds a Geography Degree from SDSU and she’s been involved in many organizations: Cabrillo Monument Historical Association, South Western and La Playa Yacht Clubs, and is a third generation member in the Point Loma Assembly.
In her eighties, Edwina won a seat on the Point Loma Community Planning Board (PCPB), to which she brought her knowledge of local history. These topics included the Naval Training Center, the desalination plant the Navy used on the Point, the old trollies, the airport, and other issues that relate to our current planning.

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