Feb. 19th Ron May presents “Bringing History Alive”

Ron May, a historian who grew up in Point Loma, has an extensive background in our local history, Bronmayportrait-graysm2allast Point and historical preservation. Ron has been very active in preserving the Mills Act. Ron will present his life on Point Loma beginning with his arrival in 1955 and departure in 1962. His program will include photos, funny stories and interesting historical information.After that, he will talk about his return to the Point in 1990 to the historical archaeology project out on Ballast Point. Included in his presentation is the history, with photos , of how the Spanish fort, whaling station, and Chinese fishing camp appeared out on Ballast Point.The Ocean Beach Historical Society is very excited about having Ron present to our group. Please join us on Thurs., Feb. 19th at 7 PM at the PL United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in OB.

3 thoughts on “Feb. 19th Ron May presents “Bringing History Alive”

  1. Back when I spoke in February, I ran out of time to share a few tales of OB in the 1950s. I lived in Sunset Cliffs from 1956 to 1962 and OB was a trip I took by bike or walking nearly every day.

    When we bought shoes at Elm’s on Newport, the salesmen had me put my feet in a box that exposed me to X-rays…maybe that is why I never had kids? On another occasion, a salesman pointed to a mark on the wall about 7-feet high and informed me that is how high the San Diego River waters got during the 1916 Hatfield Flood!

    Around 1956, my mom drove down Sunset Cliffs Blvd in her 1950 Chevy (named Pinkie) and we saw a huge crowd, police cars, and stopped to join the chaos. It seemed some burglars stole a safe, could not get it opened, so they put it in a boat and hauled it off shore and dumped it…but then the tide went out. The police claimed they found incriminating letters inside the safe and hauled it off to Police Headquarters.

    At the foot of Bacon, some kids excavated caves in the sandstone cliffs. Heavy rains (remember what that is?) softened the cliffs and one of my little friends died in the collapse. I think it was 1957.

    For sport, we kids used to rolle tires down Hill Street (from Alexandria at the top) to see how high they would bounce off the street rail at the bottom. One of mine must have bounced 50-feet. It never occured someone might get hurt.

    One morning in 1958, the buzz at Sunset View Elementary School had it that a Mexican fishing boat wrecked at the foot of Hill Street. Of course, we climbed down that afternoon and crawled all over the boat, but it had been stripped of any personal property. The entire boat rotted into the sand in two years.

    Ron May

  2. Does anyone know about the inspection fee for the Mills act. I was sent a bill for $492? It was sent three weeks before it is due. Has anyone else recieved this letter.

  3. Buffy

    The city has changed things up regarding mills act designations.
    You may be able to find out more on the citys web site .
    Or Soho’s (save our Heritage organization)s web site.
    Are you in the Ocean Beaches Historic Cottage Program?
    Is this fee something you’ve never paid before?

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