Apr. 16th OBHS A Celebration of Our Founder Ruth Held

Two Classy Dames from the old Days, was the title of the presentation at the first Ocean Beach Historical Society meeting  in February 1994. Featured was our founder Ruth Varney Held and her friend Helen Lowry Gute.
The OBHS’s meetings started at the
Ocean Beach Women’s Club and weeks at
various coffee houses around OB. We later settled into the Point Loma Methodist United Church, where we continue to have our OBHS meetings.
Ruth Held, who was raised in Ocean Beach, authored Beach Town, a very informative book on the history of Ocean Beach.
Her work and inspiration has helped keep the history of Ocean Beach alive and helped bring about the active group that OBHS has become.
Please join us on April 16th to hear more about this Ocean Beach legend as we celebrate her work and life.

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