De-Dad-1smDedi Ridenour presented fascinating personal accounts of local history of pottery.
Dedi ’s father Dr. PaulWedgewood helped legitimize pottery as an art form by demonstrating pottery making at the Panama Exposition of 1935 that took place in Balboa Park.
Dr.Wedgewood turned the garage of his Sunset Cliff Spanish style home into a studio where he “threw pots” on a kick wheel, created his own glazes, and with the help of his wife, fired the pieces. Dr.Wedgewood won many awards for his pottery, and was very active in the art community.
Also, Kathy Blavatt spoke about Izzy Elizondo, our renowned local Ocean Beach potter (featured in Wonderland) and gave the history of “Falling Sky” the store-front studio, located across the street from the OB lifeguard station.
Izzy runs and teaches at “Falling Sky”, which opened in 1969. He and a number of talented and prominent potters have worked at “Falling Sky” over the years.

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