June 18th- Karen Scanlon presented Lighthouses of SD

Lighthouses of San Diego by Authors Kim Fahlen & Karen Scanlon, was presented by Karen at the OBHS Meeting June 18, 2009. Twin sisters Karen Scanlon and Kim Fahlen have lived many years in San Diego. Kim’s preoccupation with lighthouses began in childhood when the family camped in the sand under Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Karen’s fascination lay dormant until her first visit to Point Loma Lighthouse, after which-and making up for lost time-she proceeded to document its’ history!
Karen’s success in locating a few of San Diego’s former lighthouse-keeper families
has offered rich, firsthand accounts that might otherwise have been lost. Her research and writing link other historical events to San Diego’s lighthouses past: The criticalneed for the dredging of the shipping channel; the deadly explosion aboard the Navy gunboat USS Bennington in 1905; and the inception of San Diego’s island playground,Shelter Island.
The twins volunteer at Cabrillo National Monument tending its lighthouse lenses.
Each has contributed to the journals of Maritime Museum of San Diego and U.S.
Lighthouse Society. They have assisted the U.S. Coast Guard and Lighthouse Lamp
Shop with lighthouse lens-work. Kim helps edit related reports and writing.

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  1. Would like to review this book in Gulf Coast Living magazine. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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