15th Annual OB EXPOSED

Roughly 300 of the “WHO’S WHO” of OB attended the May 15th Friday night reception of OB Exposed.
What made this year’s event specialwas: Our local Wonderland documentarian Noah Trafolla presented the awards, a special tribute to Maddie Dibble, photographer Steve Rowell’s exhibit of his work starting in the 1960’s, and incredible food. The quality of the photos this year was extraordinary. The digital cameras have made a real difference in quality and are inspiring more people to take photos. Our OB Pier, cliffs and surf were the subject that seemed to grab the judges and the attendees (Peoples’ Choice Award) this year. Many amazing shots were taken. The parrots were also very popular subjects. After looking at this show you would think we were living in the tropics! There were also some great human interest shots. A shocked girl watching her car being towed away and two 3-year-olds protesting to keep the OB Library open, were popular with the crowd.Winning Photos can be seen at the OB Library in June
SPECIAL THANKS : OBHS President Pat James, at OB Exposed!, generously received a donation check of $2,500 in Maddie Dibble’s name from her children Judy and David Dibble
Masonic Center, Noah Taffola, The Beacon, OB Peoples, Olive Tree, CJ’s Catering Concepts, SD Catering, Pepe’s European Cake Gallery Our Judges: Tom Shugrue, J im Haugh and Ed Frey and all participants and volunteers WINNERS: Best in Show, “Surfer” Joe Ewing, Best Color, “Cliffhanger” Bryce Johnson,Best B&W, “Cliffs & Pier, NW Swell, High Tide”, Roderick Michener, Best Special Effects, “OB Ier” Kathleen Blavatt, Best Vintage, “Girls Gone Wild” John Ayres, Peoples’ Choice, “OB Pier” Emily Sales

2 thoughts on “15th Annual OB EXPOSED

  1. I was wondering if you could send me some information on the next OB EXPOSED photography contest. I had seen a paper posted at my school in the photography dept and was looking to submit my work.


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