Sept. 17, 2009 presentation THE PRESIDIO DE SAN DIEGO

Author Richard Carrico: Thurs., Sept 17th, at 7 p.m.
At PL United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

In their review of frontier colonial history, many scholars, and especially more recent revisionist views, following the lead of Sherburne F. Cook, have portrayed the Spanish system in California as particularly rigid and inhumane. By contrast, mission apologists, many with Boltonian roots, have found little to criticize in the Spanish colonial system and the treatment of Indians (cf Guest 1978 and the writings of Nunis). Rather than examining specific examples of situations thoroughly, the tendency of many of these historians has been to paint a rather generalized depiction of the overarching colonial system using a broad brush approach or to focus on those examples that best support the claimants view.Believing that we must analyze on emission and one presidio at a time if we are to gain any true understanding of the colonial system and the California Indian, this presentation focuses specifically on the Spanish colonial system as implemented at the Presidio de San Diego from 1770 to 1810.Emphasis will be placed on howlaws and regulations were applied toIndianprisonersandallegedcriminals,the
methods used to extract testimony,instances of oral valorand of moral turpitude,and the effects of these policies on the individuals and on then ativepeopleas a whole.It will be strongly suggested thatt helegal and moral system practiced at the presidio included torture,leniency,close adherence to the law,and wild variation sin the application of Spanishlaws— in other words an out of balance,often in coherent system of law and justice.

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