10/15/09- HISTORIC DESIGNATIONS by Katheryn Rhodes

Katheryn Rhodes of La Playa Heritage Presented
Oct. 15th, Ms. Rhodes discussed the beautiful historically designated homes in the La Playa neighborhood which was established in 1849.
The City of SD, State, and Federal government all have the same basic guidelines for Historic Designation report. Katheryn Rhodes of La Playa Heritage will give a talk on the required steps and research needed to write your own
Historic Designation Report in order to qualify your home for Mills Act status and a reduction in property taxes. A template for Historic Reports and a Step by Step guide will be available free to anyone who would like to research their home for possible historic designation.
Katheryn_Rhodes KATHERYN RHODES is a Civil Engineer with a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from San Diego State University. Ms. Rhodes has written many geotechnical investigations, and provided forensic research for many projects including the Naval Training Center, Battery Wilkenson, and many building at UCSD. Visit Katheryn’s website at: laplayaheritage.com

2 thoughts on “10/15/09- HISTORIC DESIGNATIONS by Katheryn Rhodes

  1. Am a 3rd-generation native San Diegan. Have a wonderful photo of my Mom in front of an Ocean Beach sandstone (Sunset Cliffs) carving made by my Dad in 1937. They were sweethearts then, married in 1939. Input from anyone?

  2. James,
    Would like to see the picture.
    I’ve never heard of any carvings in the cliffs from back in the day. What was the subject matter of the carving? Was your Dad an artist ?
    Would also like to know more about your family history here
    Did they live in the OB area ?
    Please tell us more.


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