OB Elementary School 100 Yr. Anniversary

OBElementorysmThe Ocean Beach Historical Society Nov. 19th, 2009 presented:
The OB Elementary School Celebrates Its 100 Year Anniversary

The Alumni Rejoiced in the School’s History from 1909 – 2009
San Diego School Board Member John deBeck helped us celebrate the 100th anniversary. Mr. deBeck was joined by many Ocean Beach Elementary Alumni of all ages (From 5 to over 100 yrs. old) as they share their funny and fascinating memories and the history of the school.

5 Responses

  1. I don’t know whether on not you are wanting “outsiders” to attend the OB Elementary 100 year celebration or not. As a long-time OB Elem. tutor, local resident and member of the PLUM church (site of the Nov.19th celebration) I am interested in getting as many people related to OB Elem. over the years to attend.
    Let me know if that would be counterproductive to your goals.
    Jim Crakes

  2. All are welcome, please invite whoever you would like.
    Seating is limited arrive early if you would like a seat.

  3. Thank you, OB Historical Society! We had such a great time listening to all the alumni!

  4. Thank You Amber.
    We are grateful to be part of such an amazing community.
    Also thanks for stepping up to serve as current PTA President !


  5. I am so sad I missed this!!! I graduated in 1984 from the 6th grade. I am so proud to be a OB graduate!

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