Help Save Historic Preservation That Effects OB

Mayor Jerry Sanders proposes eliminating the senior planner position that manages historic districts in San Diego. Mayor Sanders sent a pink slip to Kelly M. Saunders, who holds the position now. This action will terminate historic districts (May hurt OB’s Historical Cottage Program) and slowing down of individual house designations by 50%.
The historic districts are key to protecting our neighborhoods. Write or FAX  council to save the historic districts by funding the protect Kelly Saunders’ senior planner staff position to continue designating historic houses and protecting our neighborhoods by districts.

4 thoughts on “Help Save Historic Preservation That Effects OB

  1. A remnant of the Point Loma Trolley, which ran through Ocean Beach, is visable from the north side of W Point Loma Blvd in Famosa Slough, at the eastern edge of Ocean Beach. It consists of the remains of the trestle which carried the trolley across the marsh. I have seen an early photograph of the area that shows that trestle as the only structure in the image. It would be nice to have a plaque visable to passers-by telling them what it is, maybe adding a little information about the trolley in general. I am on the Board of Directors of Friend of Famosa Slough and I would be glad to work with you in getting one made and getting approval from the SD Parks Dept to put it there.

    I agree that eliminating the historic districts and senior planner position is a bad idea.

  2. I recently purchased a home on Muir Ave in Ocean Beach that was built in 1915. I am looking for guidance as to if and how to get it designated as historical building….Any input or ideas would be appreciated!


    Chuck H

  3. Chuck,
    This is done through the city’s HRB (historic resource board). Recently there has been some changes to policies regarding Mills act designations.
    Feel free to give me a call and I’ll tell you what I do know.

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