OB Photographer Steve Rowell Presented: OUR LOCAL WILDLIFE
Jan 21, 2010.
Steve Rowell  discussed our local birds and wildlife. Steve showed his extraordinary bird photos that he has taken over many years. His presentation included his favorite birds, the OB Ospreys, who have set-up permanent residence at Rob Field. He’s tracked their history and photographed them for years. Come hear Steve’s interesting stories about the birds and wildlife in our area. For info. about Steve Rowell and bird slide show: www.oceanbeachphotos.com

2 thoughts on “OUR LOCAL WILDLIFE by Steve Rowell

  1. I would like to contact Steve Rowell to see if he could do a program for our church, Pt. Loma Community Presbyterian Church.
    Contact by E-mail or phone 619-222-9849
    I need the information by Jan. 14, 2010 to get it in our
    church bulletin.

  2. Ann
    You can reach steve through his web site listed above.(worth a visit)
    I’m pretty sure he is listed in the local phone directory.
    This should be a great program.
    Steve has some amazing photos.
    Hope to see you there !

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