REMEMBERING Loverne Brown— O. B. Poet, Activist, Beloved Friend

 July 19, 2012 the OBHS presented: REMEMBERING Loverne Brown— O. B. Poet, Activist, Beloved Friend, OB Poets (pictured below) and Friends from the past gathered together to celebrate what would have been LoVerne Brown’s 100 Year Birthday. The event included LoVerne’s favorite foods: rootbeer floats, cashews, cake, cupcakes and lots of wonderful poetry and humor! LoVern led a somewhat nomadic life prior to coming to Ocean Beach in 1950. During her half-century in O. B., LoVerne was active in the community in many ways. She was co-founder of the Ocean Beach Community School in 1976 (as well as the school’s poetry teacher); a longtime member and officer of the O. B. Friends of the Library and the O. B. – Point Loma chapter of the National League of American Penwomen; founder of the Ocean Beach Poetry Circle, which for years published the annual anthology “Zip Code 92107”; and a founding member of the Ocean Beach Historical Society. She was known for her generous spirit, her inclusive nature, and her unconditional love for her fellow human beings. She was active on the political scene and supported numerous social justice causes, especially those that benefited the homeless and victims of abuse. This O.B. women had incredible life and inspired many friends and poets who will always remember her and her work.

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