Angels at 7 o’ clock SD’s Pioneer Female Aviators

 Aug. 16th, 2012 OBHS  presented: Angels at 7 o’ clock San Diego’s Pioneer Female Aviators By California State Parks Historian Alexander D. Bevil ,  San Diego has played an important role in American aviation history. Indeed, some of the earliest attempts at controlled flight have occurring here. While most historians recognize the pioneering work of Montgomery, Curtis, Ryan, and Lindberg, most ignored the role women played in San Diego’s aviation history. Alex’s focus was on the untold story of San Diego’s female aviators within the broader context of the history of women’s aviation. Faced with gender bias, ridicule, and sometimes even outright sabotage, these “First Ladies of Flight,” whether they realized it or not, were pioneer feminists. All possessed a single-mined determination to fly, often paying the ultimate price for their efforts. Ironically, Alex’s presentation was held less than two miles from the forgotten crash site of one of these brave women, whose crashed aircraft was described coldly as “a pile of lumber.”

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