The Country Boy, Madame X, and the Japanese Spy by Richard L. Carrico

9/20/12— After an interview with Carrico that appeared on the front page of the UT the OBHS had a packed house attending The OBHS program: The Country Boy, Madame X, and the Japanese Spy—Author  Richard  L. Carrico about  a ring of Japanese agents and spies enlisted the help of U.S. Navy personnel to conduct espionage for the Japanese government that spanned for 1934 to 1936.  The centers of the spy activities were Washington D. C.; San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  The events and persons involved in the espionage included Japanese students at Stanford and UCLA, Japanese bankers including Yoko Ono’s father, a noted medical doctor, a Navy officer and an ex-Navy enlisted man.  Those who ultimately broke and prosecuted the spy network included a incredible cryptographer Madame X, two alert Navy Captains, attorneys in Los Angeles, and the Office of Naval Intelligence.  The investigations spanned from Tijuana to San Pedro, Palo Alto to Washington D. C.  Mr. Carrico’s presentation will focus on the main characters and events from the historical novel that he is currently working on and will include quotes from court testimony, contemporary photographs, and an overview to what became of the various players in this intriguing historical drama. Richard L. Carrico, Dept. of American Indian Studies, SDSU

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